Half term Maths challenge


Can you measure each member of your family? Who is the tallest and who is the shortest? Can you put yourselves in height order?  

Some other activities you could try: 

  • Can you put some of your toys in size order. 
  • Maybe you can measure a toy by seeing how many blocks tall they are. 


Teaching Basic Shapes to Kids In an Interesting Way

Choose a shape and go on a hunt around your house to see how many you can find. How many different shapes can you find? 

Some other activities you could try: 

  • How many shapes can you find in the outside environment. 
  • Play musical shapes. Draw shapes on pieces of paper and put them on the floor. Let your child dance and when the music stops shout out a shape for your child to jump on. 


We have hidden the numbers 1 – 10 around the outside of the preschool. Why not go for a walk to the preschool and see if you can find them all. Remember to look through the windows and through the fence to find them all. 

Some other activities you could try: 

  • Write numbers on paper and hide them in your house. You can even ask your child to put them in order after they found them all. 
  • If you go to the supermarket, look out for the numbers on the aisles. 
  • Look for different numbers on house doors. Can you find numbers 1 – 10?  


Sing some different counting songs, for example 5 little speckled frogs or 5 little ducks. You could use toys or teddies to show the 5 and act out the song by taking one away each time. 

Some other activities you could try: 

  • Count movements together for example clapping or jumping. 
  • Count how many stairs you have as you walk upstairs.  
Mother rubber duck leading several rubber ducklings


Go on a maths themed scavenger hunt outside. Can you find-

3 stones

A long stick

A number (1 3 6 7 )

A tall tree

A short stick

5 leaves

Something square

Hope you have lots of fun.